Supermarket & High Street Cream Cleansers

6 thoughts on “Supermarket & High Street Cream Cleansers”

    1. I used to hand wash. Got tooo tideous. So now, i just pop it in the laundry after every single use, every single night. I just wring (squeeze) it, pop it on a hanger, dries within an hour or so (depending on the weather, of course) and chuck it in the dirty laundry the next morning. It shouldn’t be tumble dried. That way the fibre stays intact. They turn out squeaky clean. I change my microfibers every 6 months. Depends on what the state they are…not too ragged and all. I prefer it too a wash cloth/flannel which is too scratchy for my liking. If you get a 100% polyester ones from Marshalls, great! I have looked for it here, not found ant yet! I use a 80% polyester and 20% something else (can’t remember what it is, for the love of God!!!) Works fine for me. 💗 and yes, microfibers do not love fabric softeners. If you are camping, microfibers are a blessing!


  1. This is BRILLIANT. Thank you so much for the cheeky mention near the end! We’re going to have to do some kind of swap in the future so you can send me all these gorgeous UK-only products. 😉


    1. By the way, Bobby… i have mentioned your name TWICE (albeit at the end of the post 😛)… if you were to read other posts you would have figured that out. 😂😂😂😂 Nevertheless thank you for sharing your knowledge and thanks for enlightening me 😍 👍 Of course we need to do a swap…. yes made in Britain products 😁


  2. I like Caroline Hirons too, charmig lady and with great tips. Unfortunately due to a lot of allergies I can rarely use the product she recomends, would be a lot easieer then. I also like cream cleansers. Absolut favourit is Wash off cleansing mousse from Herbfarmacy, not a mousse strangely enough although it is the name. I also have tried a mix of oils making my on cleanser.

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