Calcium Bentonite Clay as a FINISHING POWDER!!

8 thoughts on “Calcium Bentonite Clay as a FINISHING POWDER!!”

  1. I haven’t used this clay as a mask, because I figured it would be drying, but I like the idea of using it as a finishing powder, although not sure if I want to buy so much product for it! Think it costs around $6 here Stateside! 🙂

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  2. I hate to say this. Esply coz I think we all need to give natural clays a try. I did not like this product at all. It dried out my skin.

    I am a big fan of using ground flours on my skin though. I guess its an Indian thing.

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  3. Bloody hell I’ve been living under a rock! Much like yourself, the mask didn’t tickle my fancy because it ripped the skin of every drop of oil and moisture but I need to try as finishing powder😃 Although next time add raw honey to the mask and it is fabulous, very tight on face! You’d need a chisel to break through this mask


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