A two minute makeup routine using Lily Lolo & Eco Tools.

10 thoughts on “A two minute makeup routine using Lily Lolo & Eco Tools.”

  1. Hi Swapna!

    Thanks so much for the detailed review and the shoutout at the end! xx The task master in me loves how you’ve broken down the various pros and cons into separate paragraphs – makes for such easy reading!

    What’s the coverage of the foundation like, and how different is the coverage compared to the matte finishing powder? I am using the RMS Beauty Tinted Un Powder as my finishing powder, and it adds a slight coverage, but not a whole lot.

    Noticed you’ve already added the blush “Tawnylicious”, and the Lipstick “Berry Crush” to your wish list LOL. That was quick!

    Lots of love,

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    1. Actually the coverage is a good question. I wanted to address that issue in the post BUT my fuzzy brain just forgot about it😂😂 will update the post However, for now will address it here : the coverage can vary from light to medium. It doesn’t give heavy coverage at all!. It is all about how you layer before applying the foundation. I had to give you the shoutout, my sweet Ruhi! Yes you convinced me enough to add them to the wish list. 😀


    2. The finishing powder hmmmmm well —- rms would be better than this because of the coconut oil. Both the foundation and the finishing powder take a min to settle (forgot to mention that—- see that fuzzy brain)

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    1. Aww Jana, thanks for reading. 😻 so attempted to buy Kimberly Sayer after your review 😻😸 I am planning to buy some Lily Lolo’s soon. Need to feed the addiction!😺


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