The gunk is off my Makeup Brush! Is yours too???

9 thoughts on “The gunk is off my Makeup Brush! Is yours too???”

  1. Great post Swapna! One little tip for washing make up brushes, add a little oil and it will make the hair soft and supple, l do that with mine even though all my brushes are syntetic, works great! And yes, l agree about DrBronner’s, it is one of the best natural multitaskers, l use it all the time 🙂 I found it too drying to wash my hair and the body, but now l use it to wash my clothes and works just fine. Citrus scent stays on after wash which l like 🙂 and to use it again for washing hands and body l plan a DIY with it, just need to get a foaming bottle as mine just broke.

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  2. Hi Swapna,

    I am yet to use it as a toothpaste, because I wonder if using just Castille soap will take care of the bacteria in my mouth. Not that adventurous yet! Peppermint is probably my least favorite – it’s too strong for my liking. I am using Eucalyptus as my hand wash, the unscented one serves as Sasha’s bath soap, and then I have a couple others that I use for making various household cleaning supplies (table cleanser, dishwashing soap etc.). I don’t like using Dr. Bronner’s in my shower either on my body or hair as it’s too drying for my already dry skin. I bought their Shikakai conditioner too, but even that didn’t help. For my hair, I’m quite particular about the shampoo I use and Dr. B just didn’t cut it, sadly, even though I really wanted it to work.


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    1. Ok, i need to rephrase the bit where i say that i have used it as a toothpaste. Actually just tried it once (for the thrill of it) BUT it can never ever replace my choice of conventional toothpaste. EVER ! 🙂
      And it was a miserable attempt of mine : using as a hair wash…..TOO drying for my dry wavy hair! Huh…you used their shikakai conditioner….glad to know your opinion.
      It is great for the other uses you have mentioned.
      Love Swapna


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