Omega 3 : A must for my robust health!

8 thoughts on “Omega 3 : A must for my robust health!”

  1. Very informative post. I never tried any sort of supplements and assume my food habits take care of it all. But I didn’t know all this about the omegas !

    I eat fish once a week. And if i cant, i try to sneak in sardines/anchovies into a salad dressing. The old fashioned way to sneak in fish when you can’t otherwise.

    You got to tell me how you are so consistent with blogging. I have hundreds of drafts that never see the light of the day.

    – A.

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    1. You blog is beautiful, Archana. It is impeccable in its details and research is top-notch!!! No wonder you have so many drafts waiting to be posted. Your blog is UNIQUE and i personally love it that way.
      Omega 3 is such an important part that we tend to overlook it. I notice a big difference when i consume it. Supple and Smooth..!
      Bare Biology is coming to the US, so you have access to the best fish oil available in the market.
      The other names that come to the top of my end are : Minami Nuitrition, Lameberts Healthcare (great brand), Barleans. I am not a fan of Dr Perricone fish supplements —overpriced and low EPA and DHA.
      I am yet to muster courage, and consume fermented fish oil. Now that i have consumed liquid fish oil, fermented fish oil would be a walk in the park. If you do nothing else, fish is a must. If you have access to a fishmonger get a big oily salmon 🙂 divide it into 4-5 portions, marinate it and sizzle it on the grill whenever you find the time. Easy Peasy! I love sardines!!! I am not a fan of fish that is not oily no cod, no king fish for me either!…(of course can’t escape the mandatory cod fish and chips ;))

      I wish i was more consistent, My journal is filled with blogging ideas. None have seen the light of say 😦 Sometimes i feel bad that i am not as committed as other bloggers but then you live and learn.


      1. Swapna,

        Thank you so much ! really !

        EPA and DHA. I shall start looking into them next time i am in a health food store. Never heard of fermented fish oil, but i am intrigued.

        We are big tilapia eaters. Although I am committed to learn to cook every kind of fish i can get my hands on. There are enough recipes in the asian cooking book collection in my living room to keep me learning for a lifetime !

        In my book, you are pretty consistent !

        – Archana.

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  2. Hi Swapna!

    I have to thank you for raising awareness re: Omega 3. I wasn’t taking any until we had our little Instagram chat. Although I’m a vegetarian, I’ve started taking it daily. Yet to see much results, but it’s hard to tell, because I take a boatload of other supplements as well! I’m definitely going to keep up for a while and see how it goes 🙂


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    1. Please, keep at it…. Do not give up on Omega 3. 🙂 And pay special attention to the EPA+DHA! Add more EFA’s. And i like this new policy of mine: Eat greens and Poop everyday!!! 😀 😀 i know TMI!
      But pooping everyday is what helps the skin from being acne free.


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