An Ode to my favourite lip puckers

13 thoughts on “An Ode to my favourite lip puckers”

  1. Hi Swapna!

    Thanks for the review. You’re such a huge fan of NUXE, but I have to say my jar hasn’t seen much use…I find the texture a little too thick. I do like the Fresh Lip Balm! However, I’ve taken to just using my regular sunscreen over my lips for the sun protection. 🙂

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    1. That is such as awesome idea : sunscreen over the lips 💋 my lips are the driest so need that texture. I can understand what you mean by thick texture. Fresh lip balm is accompanying me in my flight bag 😀


    2. Agree with the Nuxe texture. However in the Indian weather, it was a dream to apply. You just needed a teeny tiny bit to moisturize your lips.
      Nice idea about sunscreen on the lips. Clever indeed 😉


  2. never used those two, but can recommend Crazy Rumours lip balm (you can get it from Holland and Barrett) it has good ingredients and comes in a million different flavours, Black Cherry or Bubblegum, anyone? and also my old fave Burts Bees honey lip balm, but l am sure you’ve tried it already.. Hurraw is also on my wish list, but I want to finish off some of my 3000 lip balms before buying anything new 🙂

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  3. This is hilarious! Thanks for brightening my day haha

    Have you tried the Dr. Hauschka lip balm? It’s pretty pricey, actually, but quite good. I also like Egyptian Magic for the lips, but not sure of availability in UK. Actually, lip balm seems to be quite an easy thing in the US- I think we have a way bigger selection of organic lip balms here, at least compared to continental Europe. I should send you a goodie bag 😀

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    1. I haven’t tried anything by Dr Hauschka surprisingly. Wanted to try their cleansing milk. Maybe when i am done with the current lot of cleansers will get one. Thanks for reminding about the lip balm. Yup, i agree US has a wide variety of lip balms to choose from. ☺
      Ruhi, you and I definitely need to swap goodie bags amongst each other. secret santa, is a big thing in the UK. What say??😛😜😚


      1. Not at all! It only has a few ingredients- propolis, beeswax, olive oil, honey… Not sure what else, but very basic ingredients. Maybe questionable if you’re vegan. 🙂


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