Natural Moisturizers for the Men in your life !

5 thoughts on “Natural Moisturizers for the Men in your life !”

  1. Great wife you are! My hubby is such a man’s man, all he uses is soap and shampoo (after much resisting he switched to green brands too) but other than that he won’t use anything, even when his skin is so dry it’s cracking I have to take matters into my own hands, i.e. chase him down, pin to the ground and slather some coconut oil or some cream on.. I will keep that Weleda cream in mind though. Green People have great clean shampoo and I like their suncreen for kids (was killing myself looking for natural option without any nasties or a bunch of alcohols last summer, and I like it) I have heard great things about their make up too, but don’t have any myself.


    1. Dear Renee,
      Like all men he just used the supposedly good ‘tea tree’ range from Superdrug and he always complained his skin felt dry sometimes and sometimes oily. I neither had a routine. Only when we started juicing that we made a complete overhaul of the skincare routine as well. So now he uses a rosewater toner and facial oil and some coco as body moisturizer. So that’s a start 🙂
      Does the green people sunscreen give a whitecast? Would love to know.


  2. They did some sort of survey. Apparently men scoop the product out, rub it in their palms first and then pat their face with whats left. Apparently very ineffective with sunscreen. Did you notice that with the man/men in your life ? We women dot the face and rub it in without wasting the product.

    – A.

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    1. Hahaha. I laughed when i read your comment. Because my man doesn’t do that. He mimics the way i apply my skincare 😀 😀 . Dots it around the face like i do. I give him the looks 😉 if and when he doesn’t complete his skincare routine 😀 😀


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