Conversion of a coffee lover to a TEA SIPPING BRIT —– PUKKA TEA !

4 thoughts on “Conversion of a coffee lover to a TEA SIPPING BRIT —– PUKKA TEA !”

  1. Hi sweet Swapna! Finally, it’s weekend and I get to catch up with your new blog! So happy you decided to start blogging 😀 And thank you so much for the blog/IG instagram mention. I’m humbled! I have to admit, I’m not much into green tea either; given a choice, I’ll not drink it. I’ll keep trying though…

    I do love Rooibos tea – drank some from Numi Organics recently and loved it. I am SO glad you’re another Pukka convert! Quite agree it’s quite expensive if you consider the quantity provided, but the quality is definitely unbeatable. The ease of tea bags when you’re not in the mood of brewing a pot is also quite tempting. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what other flavors you’ve picked up!

    In addition to Detox, Night Time and After Dinner are my other firm favorites 🙂

    Ruhi xx

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    1. Numi Organics. I haven’t seen these in UK but have heard a lot about them. Night time is my fav so far. I have bought atleast 5 varieties but so addicted to Night-time. Will blog about them soon. They are perfection in a bag. Thanks for your support Ruhi.


  2. Hmmm, I can see someone likes their teas 🙂 Pukka is great brand and I tried a few of their teas, they are truly great! Personally I like green tea (it took me years to love it, mind you) and lately I started drinking matcha tea, to get more benefits out of it. Each to their own I guess, but I like having variety too 🙂

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    1. Oh yeah, I am a Pukka tea convert. Every single time that i sip the Night-time Pukka tea i sleep. So does my chattering husband. He loves it 🙂 I am planning to try the blended matcha tea in future. I used to love green tea by Clippers. They used to taste okay in the beginning till i started feeling the bitterness hitting me hard. And the bonus yellow teeth. I might try the Pukka green tea. 🙂


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